How to Flunk Out of College

Introduction: How to Flunk Out of College

These are the steps to flunk out of college!

Step 1: Cheat on Tests

Test can be a really hard thing to deal with when you do go to class. Cheating is a great method to get you through that stressful time of midterms or any other major test. Cheating eliminates the worry of studying and give you more time to worry about things like sleep.

Step 2: Pay No Attention to the Syllabus

A syllabus is a complete outline for your course you are taking. It is usually given to students first day of class, but you should see it as something pointless and worthless. Anytime a syllabus is given to you proceed to throw it away immediately following class.

Step 3: Hang Out Every Weekend

Partying and hanging out is a major part of college life so enjoy it! Every party you hear about you should try to go to, especially the free ones. Partying is a great way to free your mind and make you more popular. It will guarantee college success with friends. Also anytime a friend asks you to go somewhere make sure you accept their request.

Step 4: Do Not Buy Books

Professors normally tell you at the beginning of the term about how important books for the class are. Books are always optional just like how showing up was optional. Most likely the book won't be used that much in the first place and if it is needed on a certain day just don't show up to class

Step 5: Sleep in Class

Sleep is one of the most important things to the body, it is a necessity. You should acquire the most sleep possible to be the best version of yourself daily. I understand sometimes you will have to wake up occasionally for "class," but the solution for that problem is to just sleep in class! You will feel rejuvenated by the time the class is over.

Step 6: Wait Last Minute for Test

Occasionally in college you will have to actually give your best effort on a test. When that time is near it is best to wait the day before the major test to study for the first time. Studying a couple of hours before a test helps it stay fresh in your brain.

Step 7: Do Not Do Homework

Professors usually tend to assign homework before class is finished. Homework should never be done, it is just a distraction in your busy day. It is used for a tool to help the weaker students, so it is never required.

Step 8: Be Unorganized

Organization is overrated in college. As long as you have a idea of where your valuables are you should be fine. Throwing things around in different places is a way to be unique. Having things neat and organized are usually for the kids who require the most help and tutoring in college

Step 9: Skip Classes

Getting accepted to college is exciting. When you finally arrive to the campus you will have a set schedule they give you with classes. All the classes you see are optional u just choose the day you want to go or time. The time and date on your schedule for class is purely a suggestion. Besides instead of going to class you can do something better like playing video games!

Step 10: Major in Spelman 101

Being in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) there is a college named spelman. It is an all woman institution, and that is where you should spend majority of your time! It is a campus for the men of morehouse to relax and have fun and never have any worries.

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