Introduction: How to Frame an Exterior Wall

The first step is to figure out which way the crown is going on the 2x4 which is demonstrated in this picture. the 2x4, in particular, is pretty straight so its very hard to see the crown on it



Drill, screws or nails, hammer if needed, tape measure, speed square, and a pencil.

Step 1: Marking for the Studs

when marking for the studs on a wall it's normally 16'' on center and to get the thickness of the 2x4 stud go back 3/4 of an inch on either side of the 16-inch mark.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Once you've established the markings and the place you need to put the studs line the studs up between the lines and screw them into place. after you got the bottom screwed into a place you can screw the top into place as well and there is your finished wall.

Note. there are many different lengths of walls you can build and different heights, make sure that the stud lengths are the same, usually a precut stud for an 8-foot high ceiling is 92 and 5/8, and adding that to a bottom plate and a top and double top plate will get you the 8-foot high ceiling.