How to Get Bluetooth Into Any Car

Introduction: How to Get Bluetooth Into Any Car

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Would you like to listen to music from your phone in your car, but your car is too old to support bluetooth? I have a solution that works for every car with a cigarrette lighter or power port: A Bluetooth Handsfree Car FM Transmitter.

This FM Transmitter lets you stream music and calls directly from your Bluetooth device to your cars radio.


You need the following equipment:

Step 1: Start Up

Plug the FM transmitter into your vehicle's cigarrette lighter or power port. It will power on automatically. The LEDs display the current voltage of your cars battery for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds the device automatically switches into Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

The LEDs will display "bt" and the set frequency.

Step 2: Pair the Transmitter With the Car Radio

  1. Setyour cars radiofrequency to an unused FM frequency with the forward and backward buttons between 87,5 and 108 MHz
  2. After you have found an unused frequency, press and hold the phone button until the LEDs flash.

Step 3: Pair Your Bluetooth Device With the Transmitter

Activate your mobile phone's Bluetooth and search for a device named "C26S".

Connect your phone to this device.

Step 4: Start Listening to Music

That's it! You have now Bluetooth in your car. Have fun with it!

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    3 years ago

    This is awesome. I‘ve already given up on listening to music in my car, because it doesn‘t even have an AUX connector, but thanks to you I can finally have bt music in my car. Thank you so much :D