How to Get Gold in Roblox Islands

Introduction: How to Get Gold in Roblox Islands

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Hello again! Around 100 people has read my last Roblox Islands instructable (which was also my first instructable), so I decided to make another Roblox Islands tutorial and this time, I'll be telling you how to get gold in Roblox Islands. The reason I made this is because a lot of people, especially the beginner, don't know how to get gold. That included me too, since I knew through the internet. Hope this helps you beginners out there. :D

What is gold in Roblox Islands, and how is it used?

Gold is a rare material that is obtained by smelting Gold Ore. Gold can be used to craft items such as Gilded items or the Vending Machine. Gold can also be used as decoration and builds if crafted into a Gold Block. However, gold blocks are not a suitable method for storage as they cannot be crafted back into gold.

Step 1: Get the Buffalkor Island Key

First of all, you must get the Buffalkor key in Roblox Islands in order to get that sweet sweet gold.

Here are the steps that are required for you to get the Buffalkor Island Key (I also mentioned this in my first instructable but that is in a different way):

  • Craft a sword with 20x wood.
  • Walk through the portal and defeat a bunch of slimes with your sword until you get the Buffalkor key.
  • Walk through the portal next to the sign which reads Buffalkor Island. Once you've gotten the Buffalkor Island Key, you can now start your journey to find that gold

Step 2: Kill Buffalkors*

Once you’ve walked through to the new island, all you need to do is defeat the Buffalkor Mob enemies to sometimes get gold in return. We say sometimes because they also drop iron ores when defeated meaning you won’t always get the gold you’re looking for.

(Note: The " * " in the step means that the next one will also be a part of this step. The next step is just going to be another method.)

Step 3: *Mine Down the Gold Nodes

In addition to defeating these Buffalo-like enemies, you can also get your valuable resource (I mean gold) by mining gold nodes. You will know what gold nodes are when you see them. They are just like a big gold ore like you see in Minecraft. Unfortunately, these are occasionally rare to come across meanwhile the buffalos take forever to eliminate with your wooden sword, so an Aquamarine sword is highly recommended.

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