Introduction: How to Get a Tight Core in Your Dorm

Here I will give you four workouts so that your abdominal muscles will begin to show.

Step 1: Step One: Gather All of Your Materials

There is not much you need, just your body and your willingness to learn and be attentive. However, if you have a problem with germs, it is recommended that you wear a shirt or use a towel to cover your back for when you lie down.

Step 2: Step Two: First Ab Workout-Crunches

With crunches, I want you to initially lie on your back with your body in a vertical line. We are doing this step by step to properly fashion your body.

Step 3: Step 3: Crunches Part Two-your Legs

Fashion your legs so that they are side by side with no space in between. Then, while laying on your back, tuck your legs toward your chest. Not too far in so you can breathe though.

Step 4: Step 4: Crunches Part Three-your Arms

Bend your arms in an acute angle, with your hands resting behind your head like so. (Do NOT put a lot of pressure on your head and neck though with your hands. If you put too much, it can lead to your neck cramping.) Now we are in position to do a crunch.

Step 5: Step 5: Crunches Part Four-The Actual Crunch

Now, in order to do the crunch, you will tighten your stomach and cause the muscles in your abdomen to pull your upper body towards your legs.

Step 6: Step Six: Crunches Part 5-How Many

Congratulations, you have just done a crunch. Now, in order to have the certain results, you have to do a certain amount of those. I personally would recommend two hundred crunches a day, but do how many you can possibly do. Know your body and its limits.

Step 7: Step Seven: New Move-The Bicycle

The bicycle will start you off in the final position similar to the crunches. So start off in the position that you were left in on step four.

Step 8: Step 8: Bicycles Part Two-How to Properly Do Them

This is where it begins to change up. Instead of your entire upper body coming towards your knees, you will twist your upper body. In a fashion to where your elbow will hit the opposite knee.

Step 9: Step 9: Bicycles-How Many

Once again, this all pertains to your body and how many you think you can do. Once you get to a level to where you know you can do as much as you can, I recommend doing only one hundred of those.

Step 10: Step Ten: New Move-Suitcases and Their Initial Position

Our next workout is called suitcases. This is probably one of the harder workouts because you are requiring your core to not only lift both your upper and lower body, but you are requiring it to hold it for a certain amount of time. Now you want to start off lying down on your back in a vertical fashion, similar to step two. The only difference is your arms will be in vertical fashion too, above your head.

Step 11: Step Eleven: Suitcases Part Two-How to Properly Do Them

While tightening your core, like so, you will lift both your upper body and lower body in unison. You will attempt to try and reach your toes. If you can not reach your toes, that is not a problem. Do the best that you can possibly do.

Step 12: Step Twelve: Suitcases Part Three-Holding the Position

Now we know the position that is necessary. Now, once you get to the desired position, you have to hold the upright position for at least two seconds. Once you have done that, you can return to the initial position.

Step 13: Step Thirteen: Suitcases-How Many

Once again, I reiterate that you do as much as your body can take. I recommend doing at least fifty of these a day, but you can do more or less, it is what your body is telling you what it can do.

Step 14: Step Fourteen: Final Move-The Kill-shot (Custom Move)

Now this move is something I personally made that I usually save for last. It is a combination of both the crunches and bicycles.

Step 15: Step Fifteen: the Kill-shot Part Two-Initial Position

You will start off to what would similar to the final position of the crunches as were previously instructed. The only difference is, instead of your knees being together, there will be a space in between both knees.

Step 16: Step Sixteen: the Kill-shot Part Three-First Move

The first move is similar to a regular crunch. You will tighten your abdomens (stomach) and pull your upper body to where your arms are going in between your head. Once you have done that, come back to the beginning position.

Step 17: Step Seventeen: the Kill-shot Part Four-Second Move

Now this is where it gets tricky. Once you have done the crunch part, we immediately go into bicycles. However, instead of touching your knees, you will attempt to touch the inside of your leg where the knee is located with the opposite elbow. You will do this with both arms. Then return to the initial position.

Step 18: Step Eighteen: the Kill-shot Part Five

Congratulations, you have perfectly performed the Kill-shot. Now I would recommend doing this move at least fifty times.

Step 19: Congratulations

You have completed my ab workout, congratulations! If you do this everyday, it will lead to your abs becoming toned and/or ripped pretty soon.