How to Get/Convert HEX File From .ino File of Arduino Sketch

Introduction: How to Get/Convert HEX File From .ino File of Arduino Sketch

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Hello friends.

Here i want to share How to convert Arduino Sketch from .ino format to HEX format & how to upload it on Arduino using XLOADER

When we are using XLOADER application to upload sketch to Arduino we need Sketch file in HEX format.

This is very simple just follow mention steps and you can watch video for better understanding (recommended)

1) Press "WIN+R" to open Run Command

2) Type "%TEMP%" & press enter

3) Select all item and delete them, some of them can't delete skip them go back to desktop

4) Open Arduino IDE application

5) Now open sketch of which you want HEX file here i am using "BLINK" sketch as a example

6) Now do Complie and after compling close arduino IDE

7) Now again press "WIN+R" to open Run command and type "%TEMP%" & press enter

8) Now type "HEX" in search tab in result you get recently complied sketch in HEX format copy it and paste it where you want

9) Now open XLOADER

A) Select HEX file to upload B) Select your Board C) Select COMport D) Keep Baudrate unchange

10) Now justb click on Upload button so HEX file will upload on Arduino

Step 1: General Requirment

Following are the item you required

1) Computer system with Windows

2) Arduino board & cable

3) Arduino IDE

4) XLOADER application

Link to download XLOADER

Thanks for your attention
Any suggestion/Comments/Query are welcome

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    Question 3 years ago

    I need nema 23 stepper motor run full speed on uno board and tb6560 driver please help me


    5 years ago


    you can use file > preferences > show verbose output during compilation (Check)

    verify your code

    scroll to the bottom of the output (assuming a successful build), and get the location of the file that ends with .hex

    in my case, it was something like


    i believe you can directly paste that path into XLoader, and save some time searching for the right file

    Mr innovative
    Mr innovative

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for this input as this is a very basic guide prepared by considering that user is beginner so I avoid including complex stuffs


    Reply 5 years ago