How to Grow Rosemary From Cuttings



Introduction: How to Grow Rosemary From Cuttings

Rosemary is a great herb to have around. It smells good, is wonderful for cooking, and best of all, is super easy to grow. No need to go out and buy a plant, simply find a full sized plant in a garden, take a spring, and you're set! This is an easy step by step process of growing your own Rosemary bush.

Step 1: Get Your Cuttings

Snip off a few twigs to include the woody section of the branch. From there, peel the leaves back a couple nodes (where leaves sprout from) to encourage new growth that will become roots.

Step 2: Root Hormone (Optional)

This is super optional in the case of Rosemary, as the plant is super vigorous and should have no problem sprouting. Nevertheless, this might be faster and create slightly better success rates. Speaking of success rates, always plat a couple springs in case one just doesn't take.

Step 3: Plant

Simple as that! Plant that sucker in some loose dirt or growing medium, and keep moist. In a month or two, your plant will have grown roots and become self sufficient. If the plant dries up, you'll know it did not form roots in time.

Step 4: Enjoy a New Rosemary Plant

It's all yours! Even though you took this small sprig from your neighbor's yard, you didn't have to steal the whole plant to have one for yourself. Now transplant to the desired location, and follow guides to properly take care of rosemary. (pro-tip: you can't mess this step up) In all seriousness, it's best to keep your plant shapely and if in the ground or a bed, slice the roots around the plant radius every year to avoid rosemary taking over your garden. Enjoy!

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