How to Have a Haunted House!

Introduction: How to Have a Haunted House!

First pick a great costume to welcome people to the house! I went with Edward Scissorhands

Step 1: First Decorate the Front of the House

For this step we decided to attach netting to the eaves trough and attach it to the railing. Then we attached fake spider webs and spiders. Then attached a dead body in the center and put lots of creepy dolls around it for effect.

Add in an inflatable, dead bodies hanging from the tree (not seen in this photo), tombstones (again not seen) and a crib (not seen in this photo).

Step 2: Then Decorate Like Crazy!

Then we hung stuff throughout the driveway, including lighting. Added the two ladies in the shed. Covered the AC with what looks like a witch's cauldron and then finally set the dinner table. Add up some fake walls to create a maze and boom now kids will cry.

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