Introduction: How to Hydro Dip a Binder

#HMS2020;This is my 1st instuctable, so please have mercy on me....

These are the materials you need. All the items I used I had at home, but you can get this at your local home improvement store. examples of this are the following:

- Home Depot

- Lowes

- Ace

And can get the binder at any supply/craft store such as

- Staples

- Michaels

- Office depot

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- Industrial mask
- Disposable gloves
- Room temp. water
-Plastic tub
- Spray paint(s)
- Plain binder

Step 1: Pouring the Water

Pour the water into the plastic container . The water MUST be warm for it to work. You will need enough water to fill at least 2/6 of the container. Depending on the length and/or width of your container, you will need more/less water. I filled my container 2/6 of the way. End of step.

Step 2: Saftey

Put on the safety gear. The fumes from the spray paint can be very toxic to the lungs, and the gloves are so you don't get color on your hands.(spray paint is hard to get off skin). Eye protection can be used, but not needed. I didn't use eye protection while doing this. End of step.

Step 3: Spraying the Colors

Spray the color(s) in. You will need to sort of imagine the patter you want and try to replicate it. Once you are done, take your paints, aim, and fire! Once you have sprayed the colors in, find the spot in the pattern that you like. End of step.

Step 4: Dipping

FINALLY, you get to dip now. This can be the last step, but a finish will help it last longer. When dipping, you need to be careful. Slowly and carefully, at an angle, dip the binder. then push it down with both hands. with one hand, swipe you hand around the binder, then lift it. End of step.

Step 5: Primer (optional)

Like I said in the last step, this is optional. It will protect the color part. For this step, spray generously 6 inches away from the binder, on the whole binder. Now, your done! End of step.

Notes: you may want to dry the binder before doing the primer, so there wont be any air bubbles.


Step 6: The Final Product

Soooooooooooooooooooooo. You made it to the end! Congrats! I made a video on how to do it if you want a result more like mine, and so you can see all my mistakes(so you don't do them). Anyway, that's all folks!