How to Ignite an Empty Zippo Lighter




Introduction: How to Ignite an Empty Zippo Lighter

I show how an empty Zippo lighter can be ignited without adding fuel. Take the lighter out of the case and remove a little bit of cotton. Pull the cotton apart to thin it out and put the cotton beside the wick but pushed away from the striker wheel. Run the strike wheel against a surface to ignite the cotton and quickly light something else on fire because the cotton will burn up quickly. Depending on how long the lighter has been left empty may impact how quickly the cotton lights. Because the cotton of the recently empty lighters will be slightly saturated with the fuel and the longer the lighter is left the more it dries out. This is a simple trick that can be used if your Zippo lighter runs out of fuel.

Step 1: Materials

- Empty Zippo/Flip Lighter

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

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    5 Discussions


    Tip 2 years ago on Step 2

    it is harder with the zippo rayon,
    better replace the inside with natural cotton.


    6 years ago

    Does this trick only work with zippos??


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get the Zippo with the broomhandle Mauser on it ? Nice trick to file away thanks for sharing

    Von Malegowski
    Von Malegowski

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I got the Zippo from a street vendor who was selling things like old Russian fur-hats and red-army officers hats in Berlin Germany.