How to Increase Reddit Account Link or Post Karma

Introduction: How to Increase Reddit Account Link or Post Karma

Today I will share my secrets about how do I increase my Reddit account link and comment karma tow make it more trusted and capable to post in any popular Sub reddit.

1- Create a new Reddit account or you can use your existing account but be sure it is not shadow banned or so.

2- If your account is new then never do any postings for next 10 days. Leave it to get mature.

3- After ten days your account is now ready to increase your Post karma, Signup on and find out a Kitty picture but before upload on imgur. 4- check the image here is it has already been uploaded by any user or so. for checking the image use this website:

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Step 1: What and How to Post on Imgur

After verification if the photo has not been published on Reddit by someone else, then you are ready to go and publish it on IMGUR and always try to get the shortlink of IMGUR for the uploaded pic

After copying the short link go to Reddit and post it in any of these subreddits: Wallpapers, Funny, Photos, Pictures

You will notice that your post karma will start to increase, Please never post any link till your post karma crosses 100 upvotes. After that you may share your personal blog links etc. I hope you have liked these information and it will help you a lot in your blogging. I would also like to share another website where you can buy and sell your Reddit accounts for best price , Build a good Reddit account and publish there and people will contact about the price etc, Ok friends have a nice day and do let me know if you require further help with Reddit. Thanks

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Step 2: Where to Buy Reddit Account (ready Made)

You can buy Ready made Reddit Accounts at:

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    5 years ago

    Most of Reddit is not an appreciative community. My experience with Reddit has not been very good. People would downvote your posts simply because they don't like it, even though your comments contribute to the topic.