Introduction: How to Install 2014-up GMC 1500 Behind-Grill LED Light Bar

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LED light bars have been popular among truck owners for many years now. This is especially the case for GM truck owners who drive Chevrolets and GMCs. One reason for this is because older generation GMCs and Chevys featured a gap below the grille that has a perfect fit for LED light bars. However, the newer iterations no longer sport these small gaps. After a long period of research and development and testing, we at iJDMTOY discovered a solution so that Chevy and GMC trucks can still be equipped with LED light bars, behind the grille.

Our behind-the-grille LED light bar for 2014-up GMC Sierra makes use of the space available behind the grille and is available on Amazon.

You can download the PDF attached of this step by step guide for your convenience.

Before we begin, please note that there are two installation options: inserting the LED light bar through a gap or uninstalling the grille entirely. We will go over the specifics later.

Step 1: Prepare Your LED Light Bar for Installation.

Assemble the rail mount base piece into the slot in the middle of the LED light bar. Lock in the rail piece exactly 5.5 inches from the edge using the included hex tool. Further assemble the rail mount by placing the M10 bolt in between the base piece. Slide in the longer M8 bolt through the rail piece and the M10 bolt. Secure with the spring washer and nut included.

Step 2: Unscrew the Grille.

Open the hood and remove the hood cover by unclipping the plastic fasteners. Unscrew the four bolts holding the grille with a 10mm socket wrench. Pull out the 3 clips behind the grille.

Step 3: From Here On, There Are Two Ways to Install the LED Light Bar. You Can:

·Pry open the grille to give you enough clearance to slide in your LED light bar through the gap, or

·Remove the grille entirely

We found that on our tested GMC Sierra 1500, we were able to pull back the grille a little bit without damaging any parts. However, this option may not be possible when working with other trims and models such as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. You may also break parts of the grille and risk scratching your LED light bar if you do the first option.

Step 4: Completely Remove the Grille. Some Grilles May Not Give Your Hand Enough Space to Reach Through Them, So Follow These Steps If This Case Applies to You.

Remove the bolt securing the fender flare located at the wheel well. Pull out the fender flare to reveal the two clips holding the bumper fascia to the fender. After popping out the clips, repeat these steps for the other side. Remove the bumper fascia and the screws located at the bottom of the grille.

Step 5: If You Are Not Removing the Grille, Pry Open the Grille to Slide in Your LED Light Bar.

Perform this step only if your car allows for it. Pull the grille upwards and back towards you to open a gap. The grille needs to be pulled upwards because of the screws on the bottom holding the grille as previously mentioned. Set the LED light bar inside behind the grille.

Step 6: Install the Exclusively Designed LED Lightbar Mounting Brackets.

Unscrew the two bolts located behind the emblem on both sides using a 10mm wrench. Pull back the piece that was held by the screws to clamp in the LED light bar holding brackets. Bolt back the screws through the second hole of the L-shaped support brackets.

Step 7: Install the LED Light Bar.

Slide in the angle adjustment cap on the rail mount, which locks your LED light bar in the up/down angle of your choosing. Bolt in the rail mount with the included spring washer and nut to fully secure your LED light bar. Make sure you have one hand holding the LED light bar and the other screwing in the nut first.

Step 8: Test All of Your Lights to Make Sure Everything Functions.

If so, refasten all the screws and clips you removed to finish installation.

Step 9: You Can Now Enjoy Your GMC’s New LED Light Bar!

We have proven that nothing is impossible when it comes to installing LED light bars. No matter what the trim and model is, we have lighting solutions for almost every off-roading vehicle.