Introduction: How to Install IJDMTOY Ford F150 LED Light Bar

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This iJDMTOY Ford F-150 LED Light Bar is crafted with a specially designed mounting bracket and vehicle specific-sized LED light bar. Unlike other Ford F-150 LED light bar systems that require modifications, the iJDMTOY LED Light bar system has a set of easy slide-on brackets that make installing these LED's straightforward.

Step 1:

Before we get started, because we are installing this iJDMTOY LED light bar system on the center of the lower bumper, you may need to relocate your license plate to accommodate for the LED assembly.

Step 1: Locate two bolts in the lower bumper location that can be easily accessed after you open up the hood. Use a 21mm wrench to remove the bolts.

Step 2:

Step 2: The screw will be exposed. Take a hammer and pound on the screw to create a small gap in between the two metal plates.

Step 3:

Step 3: Once you get that slight gap between the two metal plates, take one of the pieces of the mounting bracket and slip it in between the plates and on top of the screw.

Afterwards, loosely tighten the bolt so that you can have a little bit of leeway in order to adjust the leveling of the bracket later on.

Step 4:

Step 4: Repeat the bracket mounting on the other side.

Step 5:

Step 5: You’ll now need to mount the LED light bar onto the brackets. You can take this time to adjust the mounting brackets to make sure that everything is leveled on both sides.

There are two ways to mount the LED bar onto the brackets.

You can remove the front bumper end covers on both sides. This will give you more space and give you some room to use the hex tool to bolt down the LED bar onto the mounting brackets.

Another method is to use the combination bolt and screw. Insert the bolt halfway down the screw and tighten the bolt with your fingers after you have the combo screw/bolt mounted onto the side of the LED light bar. Then take a wrench to tighten all of the components.

Step 6:

These iJDMTOY Ford F-150 LED Light Bars are great for the people that need a brighter light to shine the road ahead of them. This installation is much simpler than having to modify your own bracket and LED's. This method of installing these LED's are much better and faster without the headache of doing anything extra.