How to Install KiCad (Windows) ?

Introduction: How to Install KiCad (Windows) ?

KiCad is an open-source software suite for Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The programs handle Schematic Capture and PCB Layout with Gerber output. The suite runs on Windows, Linux and macOS and is licensed under GNU GPL v3.

You can check our published articles to see how to use it. First, let's find out how can we install KiCad software on your Windows.

To Download it follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on Download from the top bar.
  • Choose Windows Button.
  • Click either Windows 64-bit or Windows 32-bit, depending on your Windows operating system.
  • Wait Until your download is finished. (It might take a while).
  • You'll have your file downloaded as .exe extension e.g: kicad-5.1.6_1-i686

Step 1:

  • Double-Click On your download file.
  • A Window will pop-up asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Choose Yes then wait a moment until loading the step.
  • When this window pops-up, Click Next.

Step 2:

You can optionally tick the Environment variables checkbox.

-This is useful when absolute paths are not known or are subject to change (e.g. when you transfer a project to a different computer), and also when one base path is shared by many similar items.

  • Click Next.

Step 3:

  • Choose your destination folder and make sure you have the required space available.
  • Click Install.

Step 4:

  • The Installation may take some time, Just wait patiently.

Step 5:

  • Click Finish andCongratulations! Your Installation is Complete.

If you want to install Wings 3D which is needed for creating and editing 3D object models for KiCad.tick this checkbox.

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