Introduction: How to Install Sunco Recessed Lights

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This is a how-to on installing recessed lights, specifically for the Sunco brand, although most brands are very similar in the install process.


To get started, you'll need the following supplies:

Recessed Lights:

Recessed Light Cans:

Dimmer Light Switch (optional):

Romex Wire:

4 1/2" Hole Saw:

Wire cutters and wire strippers

Electric tape

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Out the Holes

To figure out how many lights are ideal for your size space and layout, there are several free layout plans you can find on Google by searching for them. These will ask for input such as sqft, the type of room, and the light lumens (brightness) you bought.

These free calculators will also tell you how far apart you should place your lights from the wall and from each other which came in handy.

Once you know the general layout, go ahead and mark the spots on the ceiling with a pencil and use a stud finder to make sure there aren't any studs within 4 inches in any direction of that center spot you marked.

If all holes are clear of studs, get to drilling with the 4 1/2" hole saw.

Step 2: Wiring the Lights

This is the part that seems the scariest, but is actually really easy to setup.

Go ahead and cut sections of wire that will go from 1 hole to another hole and with enough slack to dangle down a foot or two from each hole.

The lights are wired in a snake like pattern:

wire light 1 to light 2

then wire light 2 to light 3

then wire light 3 to light 4 and so on

Once the wires are dangling down from each hole, you can go and strip off 4 inches or so of the casing and insulation. Then strip the black and white wires about a half inch back.

The light cans come with quick connects on them so you just have to push the wires into those quick connects with matching colors, and now they're connected. It's that simple.

Step 3: Installing the Light Can

These particular light cans are IC rated which means they can be installed with contact to insulation without it being a fire hazard.

There are 4 clips on each can, so go ahead and insert the cans into the ceiling and then push up on all 4 of those clips. This will hug around the sheet rock.

Step 4: Connect the Light - FINISHED

Last thing to do is connect the light to the quick connect dangling from the light can, and it's all set. I tested all my lights before actually installing all of the cans just to be sure it was all good.

Enjoy! This was by far the best improvement I've ever made to any of my properties.