Introduction: How to Install a Drip Irrigation System

Hi friends,

I hope you apologize for the poor English,

with this instructables I wanted to show how I installed a small irrigation system for my small garden in a day.

Required material:

- 50 meters polyethylene hose 1/2 inch

- 40 meters in 1/4 inch polyethylene hose

- drilling / adjusting dripper tool

- drippers / sprinklers

- Pipe pegs

Step 1: Let's Begin

We start by unrolling the 1/2 inch tube under the sun so that it warms up and is easier to work and bend without being damaged.

Proceed with fixing the programmer and the 2-way branch with clamps, next, connect the quick coupling to the 1/2 inch pipe.

Step 2: Lay Down 1/2 Inch Pipe

Let's start to lay down the 1/2 inch pipe fixing it with some ties taking care not to make the curves too tight to not stop the water. Stop the pipe on the ground with plastic tent pegs for mulch.

Now we insert a T-junction to make two branches with two taps to activate at will each branch.

Step 3: Lay Down 1/2 Inch Pipe and Test Sprinkler

We lay down the 1/2 inch pipe throughout the garden in order to reach all our plants.

Now let's do a sprinkler test to check the action range.

Step 4: Connect the Sprinkler

We proceed with the drilling of the 1/2 inches pipe with the appropriate tool and with the 1/4 inch pipe connect all sprinklers.

Step 5: Test and Set Up Sprinklers

after making all the connections, we activate the programmer in order to test all the sprinklers calibrate them with the tool so they do not waste water.

after a day of work the irrigation system is active and seems to work well covering all the plants as planned.

I hope it was useful

Step 6: Link Video

To be more exhaustive will insert the link to the video that I made.