How to Launch Yourself to Infinity and Beyond in Creative Mode

Introduction: How to Launch Yourself to Infinity and Beyond in Creative Mode

This was a really cool experiment you can try in Creative mode to launch yourself into the air. DO NOT TRY IN SURVIVAL, OR HARDCORE because this includes so much TNT that even with full diamond armor with blast protection V and feather falling IV won't save you from dying (unless you have OP armor of course).

You will need:

-Activator Rail x 1

-Minecart with TNT x How much you decide to put depends on you

-A button, Wood or Stone is O.K.

-(optional) An elytra -only if in 1.9 or over-

Step 1:

Place your activator rail on the ground and start by putting one TNT minecart on it. Then move your pointer (the white plus sign in the middle of your screen) to the rail so it becomes highlighted, click, and hold until you think is enough; the more TNT, the more launch power there is. Stand 1 block next to the TNT minecarts.

Step 2:

Wear your elytra if you brought it and place the button underneath you. Press it and immediately break the rail underneath the TNT. You will then be launched very soon..................................................................KABOOM!

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