Introduction: How to Make 13watt Portable Solar Panel With USB Output for Mobile Phone Charging

it's the first time to post a guide how to DIY a portable solar panel.

My name is Dean , from LINKSOLAR.

here I will teach you step by step how to make a solar charger for mobile phone.

Step 1: First Step:get Ready the Raw Material

First get ready all the raw material:

1. 2pcs PET Sunpower Solar Panel 6.5 Watt (20USD) rest material cost 10USD enough.

2. USB port output 5V, have single USB or double USB

3.Soldering iron you may have or buy from anywhere

4. Soldering tin


6.thread,strong thread is better.

7. Scissor and needles.

8. sewing machine (if you have this,it can make it perfectly.or you have to sewing it by yourself.)

9.the last thing is oxford fabric.

most of the material you can get from Ebay or aliexpress, not hard to get,or get from

Step 2: 2. Need Soldering PET Solar Panel 6.5W First.

Soldering the 2pcs Solar panel need 1cm space at least for folding space,when we fold the panel,this is the space we leave.

you can design a draft size on photoshop or coreldraw ,and print it out to make it as a template for cutting the fabric.

Step 3: Using the Template Card to Cut the Fabric Window for Solar Panel Sewing Bag.

The important part is design a suitable size to fit the solar panel,first made may happen some difference,

but after you make the first one,the second one will be more pretty on size.

Step 4: Stick the Fabric Window on the Solar Panel

use 2face tape to stick the fabric on the solar panel and fold the edges to grab the solar panels.

Step 5: Sewing at the Edges

After sewing the edges,the fabric will grab the solar panel well,then you will see semi finished solar charger.

Step 6: Sewing the Back Side Fabric to Make It Complete

you can design it 2 fold type (2 window)

or 3 fold type (window) like goalzero types.

Step 7: Last Step : Soldering the Junction Box and Screw It on the Panel

soldering the junction box and screw it on the panel ,then you make a completely kit .

it's not hard for you to make one ,and it cost totally around 30USD .

Raw material you can buy from .

if you interest to get a professional made solar charger,you can contact .

which is without sewing and produced by special machine.

Step 8: