How to Make 2 Quick and Easy Cat Toys

Introduction: How to Make 2 Quick and Easy Cat Toys


i am sure your cat will lovethese toys but kindly, once they have tossed with it for a bit let them eat the food

Step 1: What You Need

:one rubber band
: one jar
: one sock
: and some cat kibble

Step 2: Kibble

Put in the kibble
I had fine feline treats

Step 3: Sock

Put on the sock all the way
Then fold it up

Step 4: Rubber Band

Now just put on the rubber band and you cat or kitten will love playing with it !

Step 5: Toy #2 Sock Toy

Step 6: Sock

Scrunch down the sock to make a bowl like thing

Step 7:

Now put the food in the (bowl)

Step 8:

Pick up the sock so that the kibble falls to the end

Step 9:

Then tie,on the rubber band an then fold it over then tie it again

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