How to Make a Rocket Engine

Introduction: How to Make a Rocket Engine

About: I am an A-Levels Student at Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan. My passion is physics and mechanics and I want to be a Mechanical Engineer in the future. Actually anything in the field of engineering would do. :P

Here is a simple method of making a small rocket engine using simple household materials. If your unclear on how to make it, (IT IS PRETTY DIFFICULT) watch the video which clarifies a lot. :)

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Made By Manish Kumar

Step 1: Materials

A-4 Paper (8 by 10 Inches)
Paper Cutter

Step 2: Lighter

Make sure that the lighter you are using has great flamage. Like the one I used as seen in the picture.

Step 3:

Follow the Picture Notes and you will be on your way. :)

Step 4: Keep Going

Step 5: Carry On


Blow into the Hole made and you get a small cube kind of structure.

Step 7: Fuelling the Rocket.

Fill the hole with gas. This can be done by pressing the lighter button thingy halfly. And then ignite it and your rocket is ready.

Step 8: Diagram

Or you can even use the diagram given to make it. However at Step 12, you still have to cut a small piece off. 

Credits : Origami Club

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd forgotten all about those - Haven't made one for years.
    I'll make one to impress the kids tomorrow.