How to Make Animations!

Introduction: How to Make Animations!

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If you've ever wanted to make an animation YouTube or just animate for fun, then I can help you! :D Keep scrolling to learn how to animate easily.


- phone/tablet

/stylus (optional)

Step 1: Appstore

Open your phone and find the AppStore.

Step 2: Search Bar

Click on the search bar and search for 'Flipaclip'.

Step 3: Download the App

Find the app above and download it.

Step 4: Open App + Create

Click on the app and press the red '+' button to create a project. Title it, choose your background, and choose your fps. Fps stands for frames per second. You can learn more about that as you play with the settings, but I recommend 12 for a normal animation and 20-30 for a smoother animation.

Step 5: Draw and Animate!

Play with the pens and materials. To draw the next frame, click the plus button and press the play button to see how your animation is going so far. To add sounds, click the music note on the bottom left. You can copy and paste frames by long-pressing on a frame, then pressing the clipboard. To paste, press the double-paper icon. They also give you layers to work with if you want to do line art with one and colors with another. Have fun and play around! There will be a watermark on the bottom left, but I think you can pay money to remove it. This is a great app to create animations for YouTube, and I will be posting a video soon. Keep an eye on my bio to check when that link pops up! Love y'all, bye! ~

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    7 months ago

    hi how do i play flipa clip?