Introduction: How to Make Banoffee Pi (pie)

Includes both video and image steps!

Step 1: How to Make Banoffee Pi (pie) Video - Image Steps to Follow

Step 2: Crush 250g of Biscuits and Add 100g of Melted Butter

Step 3: Add Mix to a Baking Tin, Press Down and Allow to Set. Mix Together 100g of Butter, 100g of Brown Sugar and 400ml of Condensed Milk, on a Low Heat Until Boiling.

Step 4: Once the Caramel Mix Is Cool, Pour on Top of the Biscuit Mix and Allow to Cool Again.

Step 5: Whip Together 300ml of Double Cream and 50g of Sugar to Make the Cream Topping

Step 6: Add Banana Slices on Top of the Caramel.

Step 7: Pipe on the Cream and Decorate How Ever You Want =)

Step 8: And for Pi Day Why Not Make Little Individual Boxes to Give the Pie Away In!

These can be made with a triangle box template, some card and tape =)

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