How to Make Bread Crumbs From Sliced Bread

Introduction: How to Make Bread Crumbs From Sliced Bread

A quick and easy way to turn your everyday sliced bread into perfect bread crumbs.

Step 1: Material

You don't need anything fancy like a food processor all you need is...

A toaster
your desired amount of bread
a large Ziploc bag
and a rolling pin

Step 2: Toast the Bread

using your toaster toast your bread until its nice and crispy. It should be a darker brown, but don't go too far and make black toast. You want it to be an even dark brown. If you have a bagel setting I recommend using it.

Step 3: Fun With a Rolling Pin

Here is the fun part. Place your toasted bread in your large Ziploc bag. get as much air as you can out and than close the bag. Finally take your rolling pin and destroy the bread. Pound it roll it smash it. Keep going until you reach your desired texture. If your bread is just getting flat that means you didn't toast it enough

Step 4: Finish

Thanks for reading if you have any questions let me know

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