Introduction: How to Make Candles

For Genius Hour, I decided to create candles! Medieval candles were usually made out of tallow (animal fat) or rarely, beeswax. Since tallow doesn't burn cleanly and is somewhat hard to find right now and beeswax is hard to find as well as expensive, I used regular candle wax. I also added colour and scents to the candles to make them more customised!

Have fun learning how to make these easy candles!


- Premade Wicks

- Wax

- Jars for the Candles

- Food Colouring

- Essential Oils and/or Fragrance Oils

- Wooden Chopsticks (recommended), pencils or sticks

Step 1: Prepare the Containers and the Wick

Before you start making the candles, it is important to be prepared to pour the wax right after you melt it. So first, you will prepare the containers and the wick, as if you would pour the wax right then.

First, it will be best if you have a clear space to work, which would also be a surface which could get a bit dirty, as this instructable can get somewhat messy. You can always place some newspaper underneath your work space to make sure that it stays clean.

After you find a clean work space, you can start by laying out the candle holders/containers. After laying them out, while leaving a comfortable amount of space in between each jar, straighten a premade wick, and place the metal bottom in the centre of the container, making sure that the wick is straight and can stand upright.

Do this with every container until everything is set.

Step 2: Melt the Wax

After you've set up the wicks and the containers, now it is time to melt the wax!

Since wax can be hard to clean, I recommend using an old pot that you might not use anymore, so that you won't have to worry too much about the wax getting stuck onto the pot.

You can start by putting the stove on medium heat. Then you will place the wax into to pot and wait for it to start melting. Every once in a while, you can stir the wax, to make sure that it melts evenly and quickly.

Melt as much wax as desired!

Step 3: Customizing the Candle

Once you've got your wax melted, then you will want to pour your wax carefully and evenly into the containers.

After you've poured in the wax, then grab a pair of wooden chopsticks (that's what I used), sticks, pencils or something that can hold the wick in place. After you find something to hold the wick in place, then rest it against the top of the container and let the wick stay as straight as possible. When I used wooden chopsticks, I wedged the wick right in between the two chopsticks; make sure not to snap them!

You will want to do this quickly as the wax dries somewhat fast.

After pouring in the wax and securing the wicks, you'll want to add food colouring (optional) and scents (recommended). You first put in the food colouring and stir it gently, making sure not to hit the wick. Once you are satisfied with the colour, you can add the scent. Again, stir the scent in gently so that you don't touch the wick. You can add as many drops of fragrance or essential oil as desired.

Do this for every candle and wait for them to dry once you are finished this step.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once your candles have completely dried, carefully remove the chopsticks (or pencils or sticks) from the wick and check to make sure that the wick is secure; by gently touching it in different directions. Once you have confirmed that your candle is ready, light them and see how they work!

I hope that this project worked for you and that you had some fun making it! Thank you for making my project! - Alina