Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Gun USP Pistol That Shoots Rubber Bullets DIY at Home

Materials you will need-


-Pen knife

-Foldable cardboard

-Push to on switch

-Rubber piston syringe

-Flow pipe

-Air pump motor


-Wooden sticks

-Super glue

-Paper strips of width 1cm

Step 1: Using the Pen Knife, Make the Following Cardboard Cutout As Shown. Separate the Upper Layer of the Cardboard.

Step 2: Stick Cardboard Pieces As Shown in the Following Images.

Step 3: Place the Push to on Switch As Shown.

Step 4: Take the Rubber Out of the Syringe. Attach a Flow Pipe to the Tip of the Syringe As Shown.

Step 5: Take Foldable Cardboard Pieces of 10.5cm Width and Roll Them Over the Syringe As Shown. Now, Take a Small Piece of Foldable Cardboard and Roll It Over the Top As Shown.

Step 6: Attach the Other End of the Flow Pipe to the Air Pump Motor As Shown. Place the Battery As Shown.

Step 7: Make the Connections As Shown in the Following Image. Cover the Other End of the Pistol.

Step 8: Make a Slot to Change the Battery As Shown. Insert Wooden Sticks in the Slot, Cut the Extra Portion of the Stick, and Apply Super Glue.

Step 9: To Make the Bullets, Roll the Paper Strip Over a Piece of Wooden Stick, Cut Out the Extra Portion and Apply Super Glue. Insert It Into the Rubber of the Syringe As Shown.

Step 10: Insert the Bullet Into the Top of the Pistol. Your Pistol Is Ready to Fire!