Introduction: How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies By: Roasters Inc.

For this instructables, we will be teaching you a step by step lesson on how to bake chocolate chip cookies

Step 1: Get All Your Ingredients Together


2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp. Baking soda

1 tsp.salt

1 cup ( 2 sticks) butter softened

3/4 cup packed brown sugar

3/4 cup. Granulated sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

2 large eggs

2 cups chocolate chips

Step 2: Preheat Oven to 365 Degrees

Step 3: Add the Vanilla, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Eggs, and Butter to a Bowl.

Step 4: Add the Flour, Salt, and Baking Soda

Step 5: Mix All Ingredients Until Fully Blended

Step 6: Apply Cooking Spray to a Pan So That the Cookies Won't Stick to the Baking Pan.

Step 7: Roll a Small Ball for Each Cookie. Take a Small Quantity of Your Cookie Dough and Roll It in You Hands Into a Ball Shape

Step 8: Put Cookies in the Oven for About 8-10 Minutes

Step 9: Let Them Cool and Eat Up