How to Make Christmas Pokeball!




Introduction: How to Make Christmas Pokeball!

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In this Tutorial i show you how to make a Christmas Pokeball!
it's really simple and you can make this project with few components.

Check this instructables of one of my following her name is Penolopy (another project of pokeball) :

If you want see the final result or other amazing Ornaments for Christmas check the video below

PS: Yes it is in italian, but you can not understand the audio and see only the video, it's really simple Trust me ;)

Step 1: The Tool!

The components for make this tutorial is:
-Plastic ball if you can split in half
-Nailpolish or paint
-insulating tape
-piece of white paper

Step 2: Start With Nailpolish and Paint!

Open Your Plastic ball and put in one half the color red and in other half the color with.

it's really simple, you can use nailpolish or a different paint, after you have put the paint, rotate the cup to get the paint in all space and cover the entire half

Look the image for understand immediately (sorry but my english it's not really good)

When the paint is dry (5-15 minutes) you can assembly your ball and go to the next step!

Step 3: The Black Stripes!

Ok now take the Black tape and cut a very little stripe like 5mm.
You have to stick on the edge of the ball, between the white and the red part!

Step 4: Refine the Ball!

For make more realistic you have to create the button of the Pokeball

cut two circle:
- one white
- one black but little more big than white

Now stick the black like the image and after the white over then.

Your Christmas Pokeball is Finish!

Check my channel on for see other amazing video and follow me here on instructables!

Comment for give me a feedback of this Tutorial, thank you so much an happy holiday!

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