Introduction: How to Make Christmas Wood Signs Using Cricut Explore

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This is a fun project where we show you how to make wood signs using Cricut Explore. This one is a Christmas special project. You can check out the full video tutorial of How to make Christmas wood signs using Cricut Explore!

Things that you'll need:

1. Cricut Vinyl Cutter

2. Oracal 651 Vinyl

3. Cricut Scraper

4.Transfer Tape

Step 1: Select Your Design on Cricut DesignSpace and Prepare to Print.

Upload a design there or look it from the saved projects. I had already bought this Christmas sign on Etsy (as a SVG file), which is why I cannot share it with you. :( But the good news is that there are truckloads of designs to buy from.

Once you have zeroed in down to your design, size it to what suits you.

Next get the mat ready. I chose a traditional maroon vinyl for this project. Put the vinyl of your choice on the Cricut sticky mat and smoothen it out to get rid of air bubbles.

Step 2: Attach the Design.

It is extremely important to attach the design. All the letters that are of the same color need to be attached to each other so that cut out together, as a connected piece. Otherwise, you will end up struggling with each letter that is cut out separately. Too much of a headache, believe me!

Step 3: Get the Pressure Settings and Size Right.

Keep the pressure settings consistent with the medium you are using. Do not try to cut vinyl on paper settings. You will end up ruining your vinyl (and your mood).

Also check the size of the design. Is it the size you need- neither too small nor too large?

Then press the cut button on the machine.

Step 4: Prepare the Wood.

Get the wood ready.

1. Cut it to size.

2. Sand it REALLY WELL.

3. Smoothen out the rough edges with a router.

4. Paint it and leave it to dry for a few hours.

Step 5: Transfer the Design Onto the Wood.

1. You will first need to weed out the design using the vinyl stencil.This means removing the extra vinyl, that you can save up for later use. The weeding tool comes in handy here. Simpler designs are quicker to weed than detailed ones.

2. Next place the transfer tape on the design. First pat it with your fingers and then use the Cricut scraping tool. It will help you get any unwanted particles or air bubbles out. Then, carefully remove the tape from the vinyl. There are a lot of transfer tape options. I used the one from the dollar store, but you could get the Cricut brand tape too. It is stickier than the one I used.

3. Transfer the design to the wood. Pay attention to getting rid of air bubbles so that your design sticks well.

Step 6:

This is what you can create. Happy crafting! :)