Introduction: How to Make Crystal Snowflake Earrings With Clear Step-by-Step Pictures

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In this tutorial, you will learn to make snowflake hoop earring with crytal beads. Soon winter comes, the world is getting cold and white. Adorn yourself with this fascinating appearance of tiny snowflake crystals earrings and join the awesome fairytale winterland.

Step 1: Material for Making Crystal Snowflake Earrings:

1pc. of memory wire10pcs.

AB color facetted clear glass beads

2x approx. 300cm brass wire platin color

12pcs. frosted glass beads, turqouise

2pcs. jumprings, platin color

2pcs. earring hooks, platin color

side cutting plier

flat nose plier

round nose plier

Step 2: Making Crystal Snowflake Pendant

1st, take the side cutting plier and cut one piece off the memory wire. The ends of the wire should overlap about 1 cm;

2nd, make a loop with the round nose plier on one end of the memory wire;

3rd, string one turqoise and one clear glass bead alternating on the wire. Use 6 turqouise and 5 clear ones;

4th,form an eye on the other end of the memory wire. The two eyes should overlap now.

Step 3: Wrapping the Brass Wire

1st, double-tie one piece of the brass wire next to one of the eyes you’ve formed;

2nd, now start wrapping the brass wire as shown on the picture. Four times between every two beads.

Step 4: Adding Jumpring and Hook

1st, go on in circle and create a star-looking wire wrapping. Every spacing should be used twice. When every spacing is filled tie the end to a place where it can’t be seen;

2nd, now add a jumpring with an earring hook on it to every pendant you’ve made to finish the earrings.

Step 5:

Well done! Your Crystal Snowflakes earrings are finished which will reflect the sun like the wonderful snow does. Sparkle, shine and have fun in the winter wonderland.