Introduction: How to Make DIY Maple Tree, Old Autumn Tree ( Bonsai )


Tree branch,Foam backer rod, plain cotton cloth, color, linseed oil, binding wire, glue gun, air dry modeling clay, pot, starch spray,cement, wire cutter.

Step 1: Shape of Branch

  1. Take tree branch and cut it into required shape.
  2. Take few foam backer rod .
  3. Make branches with the help of backer rod.

Step 2: Branches Making

  1. Take binding wire &cover it with crepe paper.
  2. Use cement and water mixture to cover the branch.

Step 3: Flower Making

  1. Take cotton cloth and cut it like maple leaf.
  2. Color the leaf.

Step 4: Arrangement of Leaves & Final Look

  1. Arrangement of leaves .
  2. Few final pics.

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