Introduction: How to Make Dual Shaft DC MOTOR

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Hello Readers This is a really special instructable in which i modified a single shaft DC Motor to a Double Shaft in Very Easy Way..

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Step 1: Hate Reading? This Video Is for You Https://

Complete Video Tutorial Which Shows Modifying Single Shaft to Double Shaft in 2 Ways

Video link

Step 2: Lets Begin

  • Have a Look at Your DC Motor!
  • Remove it by opening the closed hooks in the side
  • Remove the Rotor from Inside
  • Try Hard to remove the shaft(it is little bit tricky to remove shaft)
  • if you didn't get how to remove shaft go back to previous Step!

Step 3: New Shaft!

  • After the Old Shaft is Removed,replace it by new one
  • insert the new shaft
  • Fix it using superglue
  • Put Back Everything in place
  • Now run the motor with battery
  • Dual shaft Motor is Ready For Action!

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