Introduction: How to Make Duct Tape Flowers

Today I am going to teach you how to make flowers out of duct tape!

Step 1: Rip Off a Piece of Duct Tape About One Inch in Length

Step 2: Fold the Left Upper Corner Down

This should create a triangle with the bottom line parallel to the bottom piece of duct tape

Step 3: Fold the Right Corner Down to Make a Pentagon

Make sure that the two folded parts meet at a straight line at the mid point of the duct tape strip

Step 4: Roll the Strip Into a Tube

This will become the stem and center of the flower which you will build off of

Step 5: Create More Petals

Create more petals by following the same steps that were used to create the stem

Step 6: Build to the Flower by Wrapping the New Petals Around the Stem

Keep the points facing up and add the petals in a circular pattern, placing one petal after the last

Step 7: Continue to Add Petals Until You Have Reached Your Desired Size

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