Introduction: How to Make Easy Christmas Tree Ornament With Glass Lampwork Bead and Ribbons

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This article explains how to make an easy Christmas tree ornament in details. Let's check to see how. Do you love glass lampwork bead? Today I made a Christmas tree ornament with glass lampwork bead and ribbons. You can make this easy Christmas tree ornament pendent for necklace, ornament for Christmas tree or home hanging decorations. Now follow my steps to find out how to make it in 2 steps.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in Making the Easy Christmas Tree Ornament:

1CM Red Grosgrain Ribbons

1CM Green Grosgrain Ribbons

30mm Lampwork Bead

Silver Bead Caps

Iron Headpins

6MM Green Pearl Beads

Round Nose Plier


Hot Glue


Step 2: Make a Red Ribbon Bow Ornament

1st, prepare a small piece of 1CM red grosgrain ribbon, then cut it into 4mm wide ribbons and light the fringes;

2nd, thread a bead cap, a lampwork bead and a 6mm green pearl bead through the headpin;

3rd, tie and stick a red ribbon bow to the top of the lampwork bead as shown and make a loop at the end of the headpin.

Step 3: Stick Red and Green Ribbon to the Surface of the Lampwork

Cut several pieces of red and green ribbons, and stick them to the surface of the lampwork respectively.

Step 4: ​The Final Look of the Lampwork Xmas Tree Ornament Is Like This:

This Christmas tree ornament is an easy DIY project for adults to do with kids. The supplies are simple and the steps are really easy. If you want to make some decorations on your Christmas tree, then try this lampwork ornament with your kids!