Introduction: How to Make Embossed Sea Shell Painting | Beach Painting

Welcome to my new tutorial.Work with Plaster of Paris , Glass Paints and acrylic color is very unique idea.I used Aluminium foil on all sea shells and decorate with Plaster on canvas.I think Its unique idea.

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Canvas, acrylic colors,

Plaster of Paris,

See shells, aluminium foil,

glass paints,

Step 1: Filling of Canvas

I took canvas of 12 x 12 inches.Cut the cloth from sides and fixed with thumb pins. Now take few sea shells and wrap them with aluminium foil. For more details check the video. Now fill the canvas with Plaster of Paris.

Step 2: Fixing & Coloring

When add Plaster of Paris ,fix the shells in it. Now I used glass paints to color the shells. I used violet, blue, grey and brown glass colors.

Step 3: Coloring on Board

For coloring I used acrylic colors ,apply color on base. Firstly I apply blue than turquoise and raw sienna acrylic colors.

Step 4: Few Pics

Few pictures are display for you, I got amazing results .

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