How to Make Flashlight App for Android ?




Introduction: How to Make Flashlight App for Android ?

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Today we are gonna to make an android will turn on your moblie flash light so you can use it when we need lets start.............

Step 1: Initial Setup

Just open android studio and click on new android studio project

now click next.

now give a name to app i.e. FlashLight.

now click next.

now select minimum SDK and click next.

now click on blank activity and click next.

now click on finish.

Step 2:

now a window will open named Content_Main.xml.

now right click on "Hello" in mobile layout and delete it.

now remove highlighted text in image.

Step 3:

Now copy and paste give green and red button into res/drawable folder.

Step 4:

now just pick and place imageview into mobile layout and assign source image of green you just copied into drawable folder.

Step 5: Menifest File

Now just open Manifest file and copy and paste following command into manifest file.

You can download permissions from here Google Drive

Step 6:

Now right click on java file and select new class.Name this class "About".

Now just download and paste given code into About class.

Download code: Google Drive

Step 7:

now goto res=>layout and right click on it and select new=>layout resource file,name it "about".

now download code and paste into about file : Google Drive

Step 8:

Now just open MainActivity class and paste given code below.

Download code: Google Drive

Step 9: Finish

Now your FlashLight app is ready,just upload it into your mobile phone and enjoy.

you can download FlasLight.apk from below........

Thanks for watching pls vote it.

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4 years ago

what about your res/menu?


Reply 2 years ago

I think that's not important for this tutorial, but it could be implemented if you want to make a bigger app