How to Make French Toast My Way

Introduction: How to Make French Toast My Way

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Have you ever wanted to serve breakfast to your mom or dad in bed, and you did not want to give them cereal or oatmeal? Well, if you follow these few simple steps you can make french toast instead.

Step 1: First Get the Eggs Out.

Get any type of eggs, but chicken eggs are normal. ;)

Step 2: Get One Egg.

You may have to get more depending on the serving size.

Step 3: Crack the Egg Into the Bowl.

Step 4: Add a Small Amount of Milk.

SMALL amount.

Step 5: Scramble the Eggs.

Really good.

Step 6: Get a Skillet.

And put it on the stove top.

Step 7: Turn the Stove On.

I did it about mid temperature.

Step 8: Get a Piece of Bread.

White is best.

Step 9: Dip One Side of Bread in the Scrambled Eggs.

Step 10: Dip the Other Side of the Bread in the Scrambled Eggs.

Step 11: Get the Spatula Ready.

Step 12: Place the Bread on Skillet.

Step 13: Flip It When One Side Looks Like This.

Step 14: Place It on a Plate.

Make sure it is dry, or it is not cooked.

Step 15: Put Syrup on It.

Or anything else you want on it.

Step 16: Eat! or Serve.

I ate it. ;)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    heres my idea


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You want to use real bread, not like the sliced one you used.
    Also, we do not have syrup over here (that is France), we would use honey or just plain sugar.
    Otherwise, you got the point, keep writing!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I might add to be sure to dip the bread QUICKLY.  Nothing worse than soggy French Toast...  *gag*