Introduction: How to Make Gelato Without an Ice Cream Machine

My brother was a missionary in Italy for a while and loves to cook Italian food. I also love to make food and saw that most bases were already covered on this competition. Every base except Gelato. Gelato is Italian ice cream. I prefer Gelato to ice cream so I thought I would share my recipe with you.

Step 1: Ingredients

The recipe calls for:

14 egg yolks
3 cups of milk (I used skim milk)
2/3 cup of Cream
and your flavors.
I chose to make strawberry banana chocolate.
For that the recipe calls for 2 bananas
16oz of strawberrys
and 16oz of cocoa.

But I decided I wanted to make a large amount so I doubled it.

To start put a large pot or your storage container in the freezer to chill it.

Step 2: Simmering Bananas

First you combine the milk, cream, bananas, and half of the sugar.
Bring it to a simmer but try not to boil it. Stir ever few minutes making sure to scrape from the bottom.

Step 3: Will It Blend?

Then chop the tops off of the strawberries and puree the strawberries and strain off the chunks of strawberries and keep the puree. I like my ice cream with chunks so I kept the chunks of strawberries.

Step 4: Yolks!

Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. I put the whites off to the side for later. Then take the yolks and beat them. Add in the other half of the sugar and 16oz of cocoa.

Step 5: Will It Blend V2.0

By this time your bananas should be mushy and bubbly. Pour the mix into the blender and puree that. Then pour it back into the container with the strawberry puree and the chocolate mix. Mix it at a medium heat this time DO NOT let it boil.

Step 6: Mister Freeze and SubZero

Then you freeze it. Every 45 minutes stir it making sure to break up the frozen parts to allow the non frozen parts to freeze.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Finally you get to enjoy your amazing gelato. Allow it to just melt in your mouth. If you want a really well rounded lunch at work bring your egg white Mcmuffin, your soda, and the gelato. If you have any thoughts on how to tune the recipe or have any flavor suggestions feel free to post in the comments enjoy

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