How to Make Great Intractable

Introduction: How to Make Great Intractable

A great Intractable has many characteristics. Those include...

•Clear, Original Photos •Detailed Instructions •Complete Sentences •Various Sentence Structures •humor (We All Love a Good Laugh)

So here is the most important thing in an Instructable: Clear Pictures. So what should a clear photo provide? Well, it should be able to give the viewer a clear understanding of what you are doing.

Here is another important thing in a good Intractable... Your instructions should be precise and detailed. Your Intractable has to make sense for anyone to even understand what you're talking about!

Something that I really like to do is to add titles to my pictures. If you have ever seen any of my Instructables, you will see that a lot of them have titles. Two apps I use for adding titles are Pixlr and Phonto. These apps are great for adding titles!

Now that you have learned the basics to a good Instructables, it's time to make one! Remember, Instructables is a site for publishing how-to's, so anything from food to crafts to video games will do!

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