Introduction: Gumball Machine!


  • 5 hula-hoops
  • twine
  • small red bowl
  • balloons
  • red fabric
  • felt squares (red, black, gold, silver)
  • clear dry-cleaner bags/cellophane
  • clear tape

Step 1: Combine Hula-Hoops and Wrap With Twine

Intersect two hula-hoops, and wrap both intersections with twine to secure. Repeat with two more hula-hoops. Combine both hula-hoop spheres to make one sphere with eight ribs. Secure with twine.

Step 2: Wrap Sphere With Dry-Cleaner Bags/Cellophane

Secure to hula-hoops with clear tape, making sure to leave arm holes/ventilation

Step 3: Attach Small Red Bowl

Using hot glue, place the small red bowl on top of the sphere, as the lid to the gumball machine

Step 4: Blow Up Balloons, and Place in Enclosed Sphere

Step 5: Sew Skirt

Sew remaining hula-hoop into hem of skirt. Gather the waist.

Step 6: Make Slot of Gumball Machine With Felt Squares

Sew or hot glue to skirt

Step 7: Put on Costume, and Be the Life of the Party!

Step 8:

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