How to Make High Power Led Dimmer+Dc Motor Speed Controller




Introduction: How to Make High Power Led Dimmer+Dc Motor Speed Controller

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Hello everyone, I will show you how you can make a simple pwm control dc motor speed controller...

Also you can control the brightness of any led this is a two in one circuit ..

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The main equipment in this circuit is ic 555....In this setup we use ic 555 as an astable multivibrator...where it produce square waves.....In this setup we can control the duty cycle by varying the preset....

The output of the ic 555 is fed to a npn power transistor which can handle larger can use any npn power transistor or any n-channel mosfet....

if you want to control the led brightness just connect it across the transistor & positive power supply but if you want to control the speed of a dc motor then connect a 1n4007 or 1n4148 diode across the motor terminal & then connect it across the transistor & positive supply.....

My youtube channel-

Step 1:

Watch the video

Step 2:

Order the components(I Bought the components from

Components required....

1. IC

2. 8 PIN IC

3. 2*1N4007

4. 100K


6. 2*103

7. 220UF,25V

8. 12V POWER


10. HEATSINK.............

Step 3: Order the Pcb

Step 4: Ready to Go

You are done

Now you can control your motor speed as well as led light brightness....

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    2 years ago

    Oh yes, a PWM circuit with a 555 timer does it every time. I would use the MOSFET because their on time resistance is way lower then any bipolar transistor. And since the on resistance is so low, it can handle a lot more current without getting too hot as well. JMHO

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice circuit design. Do you have a schematic to show how the parts are wired together.?