How to Make Home-made Stickers #hms2020

Introduction: How to Make Home-made Stickers #hms2020

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We all like stickers, so why don't you make your own, custom stickers! What you'll need is:


1- The design of the sticker

2- Clear tape

3- Scissors

4- A flat surface

5- wax paper

6- an imagination

(And please, PLEASE make sure the design is a tiny bit smaller then the tape. I’ve learned the hard way)

Step 1: Get Your Design

First, you get what your going to turn into a sticker. You can draw or print out whatever you want, as long as it's on paper. After you got your design, it's time for your next step.

(I made the arms after the first photo ummm)

Step 2: Cutting It Out

Cut out the sticker-or actually the design of the sticker- to make into sticker. You can cut it anyway you want, just don't make it longer in height than your tape.

Step 3: Turn Sticker-- INTO a Sticker

Now, here's where the magic happens. You got your clear tape and your design? Put the clear tape on top of the design. But be careful, you might put a lump that you can't put down, and ruin it!

(I messed up the first one, so the next photo will have the other sticker)

Step 4: Cut Around the Tape As Well

You do have to trim the tape around the design though. Make sure you cut a little bit away from the design, as you did cutting it out. If you don't do this, the sticker won't exactly be a sticker, more just a laminated piece of paper.

Step 5: (Optional) Put the Wax Paper Underneath the Sticker

Get the wax(I didn’t know this at the time but it’s parchment paper, since the wax paper is non-stick. It reduces The stickiness of the sticker)paper, and stick the sticker onto it. Than, cut around the tape for later use.

Step 6: STICK IT!

Congrats, you have finished your sticker! Now, you can do whatever you want with it. Well, not everything but something.

And once more, make sure the design is a bit smaller than the tape, and the ‘wax paper’ is parchment paper.

Step 7: How Insightful

what i wouldn't do is:

1. eat the stickers

2. eat any of the supplies

3. stick the tape on the design on a paper

4. put the sticker to keep on non-stick wax paper

okay thank you please let me sit down mr.gadd

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