Introduction: How to Make Homemade Spicy Mayonnaise

About: Since the young age of 9 I've always had a strong passion for mayo making and I hope that with my instructable you and I can share this passion of mine.

Preparation time : About 35 minutes

2 eggs (only egg yolk is needed), 1 cup of oil Teaspoon of Finely chopped garlic, Teaspoon of finely chopped onions, Teaspoon of Dijon mustard,Teaspoon of dried parsley, Teaspoon of vinegar and salt

*Makes about 2 cups of mayonnaise*

Step 1: Remove Egg Whites

Remove egg whites. use dry paper towel to remove excess egg white from egg yolk by rolling the egg yolk on the paper towel allowing it to absorb the egg whites (Egg whites will cause the solution to bubble removing the texture of mayonnaise)

Step 2: Begin Whisking

Add egg yolk to mixing bowl slowly begin to whisk egg

Step 3: Friendly Reminder

Make sure that throughout the whole you mix in one direction only mixing in multiple different directions will once again cause bubbling.

Step 4: Add Oil

Slowly begin to add oil and whisk. When adding oil make sure to whisk for good amount of time after adding oil in small portions.

Step 5: Repeat Step Four

Repeat step three until satisfied with the quantity. Remember that the more and egg yolk and oil added the more mayonnaise you will get.

Step 6: Add Garlic

Add finely chopped garlic then carefully whisk into solution

Step 7: Adding Seasonings

Add parsley, onion, mustard vinegar and salt .

Step 8: Slowly Whisk in

Slowly and carefully mix remaining ingredients (added in step six)

Step 9: Add Salt

Add salt separately and whisk into mayonnaise

Step 10: Ready

Mayonnaise is ready to be severed

The mayonnaise goes great with steak