How to Make Jump Rings for Jewelry




Introduction: How to Make Jump Rings for Jewelry

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If you make jewelry, you have to have jump rings. I recently learned how to make my own. Here's how you can do it as well.

Step 1: Why Make Your Own Jump Rings???

I recently attempted making my own jump rings. I wanted to see how they compared to "store bought". I just so happened to have some still in the pack. For $2.99 I got 75 jump rings. For $1.00 and 15 minutes of my life, I got between 150 and 200 jump rings.

So the why, simple answer ....cost.

Step 2: What You Will Need...

You will only need three items for this project.

  • Jewelry wire (you can choose your desired gauge of wire) I chose 16 gauge.
  • A knitting needle or other round solid object in the diameter you wish your jump rings to be.
  • Wire cutters

Step 3: Here's How You Do It...

It is simple, hey I can do it so you can do it. A recent acquaintance introduced me to this technique and I thought it worth sharing.

Unwind the beginning end of your wire. I snip off the end that was wrapped around at the beginning. Then simply wrap it around you round object (in this case the knitting needle), push the ends wrapped around the needle together until it looks like a spring. Take your wire cutters and just cut along one "side" of the knitting needle. It is as simple as that.

Step 4: The Finished Product...

Now you can have 150 to 200 jump rings for minimal cost, saving you money, that a good thing. Then all you have to do is add your favorite piece of jewelry. Cheap, Easy and Effective. My kind of project.

Until next time,

Love, Peace and Cupcakes.

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    5 years ago

    I like the making my own jump rings but if you want to solder them closed you'll need to flip your flush cutters over and trim the pointy side of the wire so they will fit nice and tight. You might add to your tut that to close a jump ring you twist the ends past each other and then back together, this puts tension on the metal and helps keep them closed. I even put a little wiggle in the middle because I don't like losing things I've worked hard on. :-)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Great, thanks for those suggestions.


    5 years ago

    eBay are the store bought ones made of? bronze? if so, they would be much more rigid than regular copper wire.


    Reply 5 years ago