Introduction: How to Make Lego Puzzle Box No. 4 'Yellow'!

Hello! Welcome to the detailed information and instructions for one of my best boxes, Yellow!

Yellow is a box I made when I wanted to create a box that has a button that is pressed by pushing an antenna piece through a headlight brick, ejecting a drawer.

Yellow is a small, elegant puzzle box with 3 moves, but those 3 moves are VERY hard to find!

Even though it's small, you can store some decent sized items in it! The storage compartment is 4 studs by 6 studs, and 2 bricks deep.

It is one of my harder boxes to solve, but it is much easier to make than the others.


  • Very hard to open if you don't know the secret
  • Very easy to open if you do know the secret
  • Elegant
  • Small, 8x8 studs and 5 bricks and 2 plates tall (With decorations)
  • Very easy to make
  • Doesn't use too many pieces
  • Good storage for it's size
  • Very simple, but clever mechanism


  • Uses a small spring, which may be hard to get. I got mine from a broken Nerf gun.
  • You need to fill one piece with glue (Or something else that hardens, like Play-doh)
  • Uses tape
  • You can't tilt the box forward once opened, or the mechanism will fall out. It's easy to put back in though.

Let's get into it shall we?

Step 1: Video

Here's a video demonstrating how it opens.

Step 2: The Base

There is no parts list for this box at the moment. But since it's such an easy box to make, I assumed one wasn't necessary.

Please read the picture notes and the captions below.

  1. Start with an 8x8 plate, and build this onto it. The plates around the edge should be yellow (Or whatever color you want your box to be)
  2. Add tape onto the TILES, so the drawer won't slip out.
  3. Add a 1x6 brick and 2 1x6 tiles.
  4. Put legs on the bottom of the base, for decoration. A disassembled leg is shown on the right.

Onto the next step!

Step 3: Right Side

Now we build the right side.

Please read the picture notes and the captions below.

  1. Find a spring that a 1x1 round stud can fit inside.
  2. Insert the stud into the spring like this. Go from the side of the spring and put the stud through the end of the spring.
  3. Another view.
  4. Attach it to the headlight brick like this. It's best if you glue the spring to the stud and the stud to the brick.
  5. Add these bricks.
  6. Add a plate and a stud, more bricks, your spring brick, and then more plates on top.

2 more sides to go!

Step 4: Back Side and Left Side

Now we will build the back side.

Please read the picture notes and the captions below.

  1. Take a headlight brick and fill it with something that will harden. Mine was already filled with play-doh when I found it.
  2. Do the same brick/plate/brick/plate wall on this side, putting your stopper brick here (Read the notes!) Make sure the headlight bricks are in the right spots.
  3. Left side: Make a wall on this side, paying attention to where the headlight bricks are placed. No modified bricks are used here. Build the things on the right and...
  4. Place them where shown.

Good! That's almost the entire box already! All that's left is the drawer and the top of the box.

Step 5: The Drawer

Almost done!

Please read the picture notes, and the captions below.

  1. Start with a 4x6 plate and add these plates. (Read notes)
  2. Add more plates and build the items on the left. (Read notes)
  3. Add them on.

You can make the drawer have 4 sides if you want to sacrifice storage for stability and to prevent items from falling out when you open it.

Ok now we're almost done.

Step 6: The Top

The final part! You could just get a plain 8x8 plate and put it on top, or you could make it the fancy way below.

Please read the picture notes and the captions below.

  1. Start with a 8x8 plate and add these pieces.
  2. Add a 4x4 plate, then add a stud in the center.
  3. Put a 2x2 tile on the stud and bend the antennas as shown.
  4. Attach the top part onto the top of the box and insert the drawer.

You are now DONE and free to enjoy your box!

Step 7: Opening and Closing the Box

To open the box:

  1. Take off 2 antennas from the top of the box.
  2. Stick one of them into headlight bricks on the top row until you find the one that springs back.
  3. Push it in and hold it in place.
  4. Go to the side to the left and put the other antenna in the left brick and push. The drawer should pop out enough where you can pull it out!

Closing the box is simple. Just put the antennas back on top and insert the drawer back into the box.

Enjoy the box and please leave feedback if you like it! :)