How to Make Line Follower Robot

Introduction: How to Make Line Follower Robot

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Learn How to Make A simple line follower robot by using Arduino and very basic electronic components. It is a fully Autonomous Robot

Step 1:

Let's make a fully autonomous robot using Arduino and IR sensors. It can follow a black line on white surface. Watch video for more!

Components used:
1- Piece of cardboard/ Acrylic sheet

2- Arduino Uno :

3- IR sensor :

4- BO motor :

5- Wheels :

6- Caster wheel :

7- L293d IC:

8- Zero PCB:

9- Flexible wire:

10- Battery:

Fix all components on acrylic sheet and make a chassis as shown in pictures.

Step 2:

Now make all connection As per the circuit Diagram bellow. you can make this circuit on dotted pcb like this. or can use this type of professional looking PCB.

you can order PCB for this Shield from here

or for ready made shield contact us on:

Now it's time to program this robot. upload this program to arduino and all done.

download code from here:

Hope you find this useful. if yes, like it, share it, comment your doubt. For more such projects, follow me! Support my channel on YouTube.

Thank you!

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