Introduction: How to Make Miniature Pens

Have you ever seen miniature pens in the store and wanted to buy any, only to realize that they cost twice as much as regular pens? Well if you're one of those people or if you're just interested in making miniature pens, I will teach you how to make simple, cost efficient mini pens at home with things you have around your house.

Step 1: Materials:

What You Need:
Tape (optional)

Step 2: Making the Mini Pen

1) Start by pulling the head (front part) of the pen out of the barrel (body) of the pen. This should take bring out the ballpoint along with the ink shaft.
2) Now take off the flat top part on the other end of the barrel of the pen or on other pens, pull off the the top of the pen as a whole. If you can't get the top off, don't worry and move on to the next step.
3) Take your scissors and cut the barrel down to the length that you want. Then lay the ink shaft next to the cut barrel and cut it a little bit shorter than the length of the barrel (If necessary put a piece of tape on the cut end of the ink shaft so ink doesn't come out).
4) Now insert the proper pieces back where they were originally at. They should all fit as usual, except now your pen is miniature sized!!!
5) Repeat the process as many times as necessary to turn your pens in miniature sized pens!!!

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