Introduction: How to Make Music Reactive WS2812B LEDs With Multi-pattern

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WS2812, WS2812B is an intelligent controlled LED light source. it has an inbuild control chip and has 4 pins. V+ ,V- ,Din & Dout.For control these LEDs we want to use MCU like Arduino, PIC or Rasberry pie.

I used Arduino UNO for this project.

Step 1: First You Need

1- Arduino UNO or MEGA

2- Auto gain MIC module

3- WS2812B LED Strip ( 144 LED strip Recommend )

4- `Jumper wires

5 - Breadboard

6 - Push button switch

Step 2: Set Up Your Arduino

1. First, you want to upload code to the Arduino.

* When you go to upload the code after connecting circuit Arduino IDE showing error message *

* If you want to Upload Code after connect, >> Disconnect AREF pin & 3V3 connect.

>> Disconnect data Out pin and analog IN Connecting.

Before the upload code First, add LIbraryI Provided.

2. change Number of LEDs, Data out PIN & Analog input PIN as you wish.

* If you have 50 LEDs Strip Change N_PIXELS30 >>>> to N_PIXELS50

Step 3: Make and Testing Circuit and Troubleshooting

First, you disconnect all power sources and Start to the wiring circuit.

Don't forget to connect AREF pin & 3.3V.

IF you use 5 PIN MIC MODULE,

  1. connect GND, V + to 3.3V.
  2. out pin connect to Arduino analog input.
  3. control gain >> gain pin not connected any lines = 60db

gain pin connected V+ line = 40db

gain pin connected GND line = 50db

power up the circuit and you can change patterns by pressing the button.

Step 4: Watch Video & Download File