How to Make Music With C++

Introduction: How to Make Music With C++

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This instructable is pretty simple to do.

After watching the video (step 1), you can download the code files attached and execute them on Codeblocks (as shown in step 2 and 3).


Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Download Codeblocks

Now that you watched the video and know some theory on music, you can download Codeblocks (it's free!) from this link:

Here's a very simple and quick tutorial on how to create a C++ file on Codeblocks:

Step 3: Download the Code Files

Finally, download the code files attached and open them directly, or copy-paste the code into your created project and click "Build and Run" (as shown in the video right up here).

If you happen to know some music theory, you can edit the code on your own and create your own melody.

Check out the Physics of Music website for all the frequencies of musical notes right here:

Step 4: OUTRO

I hope this was an enjoyable and easy tutorial; if you have any questions or ideas on how to improve the project or anything at all, leave a comment or a private message. I'll be glad to hear from you :)

Take care!

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