Introduction: How to Make Necklace From Beads

You have nothing to do with your kids? you want to create a uniqe necklace?

In this page you will find the best activity for a fun afternoon!

It's easy! it's cheap! and it's very enjoyable!


colorful beads

boards in differnt shapes




baking paper

Step 1: Arrange the Beads

Arrange the beads on the board

You can mix all the colors or choose only some of them.

Step 2: Ironing the Beads

Put the baking paper on the beads board

Start ironing in a circular, slow motion

You can stop when the holes in the beads disappear

Wait 5 minutes for the beads to cool

Remove the baking paper

Carefully separate the beads from the board

Step 3: Put Together the Necklace

After the beads have cooled, turn them over while the holes of the beads face upwards.

On the top part put some glue, then put the center of the yarn on it and press for a few seconds.

Step 4: Final Result

This is it!!

now you have a beautiful necklace:)

hope you enjoyed!