Introduction: How to Make Oobleck

Here I'm going to show you how to make oobleck, these are easy steps to make oobleck. #HMS 2020


- Container

- Starch

- Water

- Food coloring (Optional)

- Mixing Spoon (Or regular plastic spoon)

Step 1: Adding Starch

First get a container could be any size you want it to be. Add 2 cups of cornstarch in it and you can put more if you want more oobleck. Now to put it in you could just follow my instructions or you can put as much as you need to make it. Also make sure you use a measuring cup. Now that you have the measured amount of starch, pour it in the container.

Step 2: Adding Water

So to make oobleck you have to add in 1 cup of water. Again if your trying to make even more or less Probably put more or less water. When you add the water it is going to start turning the starch into oobleck. the water is the main part to making oobleck. and now go to the next step to see what you need to do to finish it.

Step 3: Mixing

To mix grab a mixing spoon or a plastic spoon that you can throw away. When mixing, you can put food coloring in to it (optional). So then mix for a couple of minutes or even seconds until it looks gooey. So after the mixing it should start to look like liquid. So when it looks like the picture, then that means it's done. Warning do not spill on clothes or anything that you know could be stained!

Step 4: Playing With Oobleck

To play with the oobleck you can dip your finger in vary slowly and it will let you. But if you punch it or try to dip your finger in very fast it will resist the force you give it. So if you drop the oobleck on the ground and it spreads, don't panic, just make it into a ball and put it back in the container. To save your oobleck for another day, let it dry out back into corn starch with a container with it's bin opened to the air and the next time you want to play with it just add the right measurements of water.